VELOCE 600 | 700

VELOCE Disc Cultivators are ideal for crop residues management and seed bed preparation. 

The machine is available in rigid or folding frame, as 2-4m rigid,  4-6m folding and the new 7m trailing.

Crop residues management

Seed drilling of cover crop

Seedbed refinement on tilled land

Disc Tillage

The disc cultivators advantages are:

• High working speed (10-15 km/h), high hourly output
• Low maintenance
• Low fuel consumption as PTO is not used
• Road transport 3m on 7m trailing 

All this means reduced costs in soil preparation. 

Disc tillage offers several agronomical benefits: cutting action of discs reduces in size and breaks up crop soil and residues; decomposition is faster; and, nutrients can be released for next crop as debris are incorporated into soil.

Tillage Unit

The tilt to work direction (17°) and to vertical (7°) confers to the disc an aggressive
work position, thereby enhancing soil/residues mixing effect.


The discs are concave shaped with a diameter of 510 mm.
They are divided into two gangs with opposite directions.

Min Tillage, Min Maintenance

Special disc hubs (AGRI HUB) are produced by SKF. Two rails of balls and a very efficient sealing (water, mud and corrosion proof) makes them very durable and robust.

Released a new support to the discs. Now six bolts to tighten the «SILENT BLOCK» system; the vibrations are dampened by four rubber elements. This solution is greasing free!

Retaining Side Boards

A squared shield was developed to improve the side soil refinement. Easily adjustable, it guarantees a complete soil retention even in presence of high crop residual.

With correct setup, no ridges or furrow to be noticed!

Residual Flow

The distance between the two ranks of 800mm improves crop residue flow at high speeds.

Stronger Frame

Increased stability and sturdiness on the wings : Double rotation hinges.
Folding units have rigid wings to grant higher sturdiness and to make the working depth uniform all along the width of the unit! 

Depth adjustment through a simple pin system.
Hydraulic depth control available as option!
A large scale clearly displays the working depth.


Roller Options

Many kinds of rollers are available for VELOCE disc cultivators to perfectly match soil conditions and to get ideal soil reconsolidation for an optimal seed emergence.

Ring Packer Roller Ø 600mm

 Ring roller Ø 600mm

Rubber roller Ø 500mm


Flange Ø 500mm or Packer Roller Ø 500mm

Cage Roller Ø 450mm


U Ring Roller 

Back Roller

Headland Turn On Roller
(Using only the drawbar cylinder)

  • Tractor linkage fixed
  • Roller cylinders fixed
  • Drawbar cylinder extended
  • Fast movement
  • No wheels track

  •          Tractor linkage raised
  •          Trolley cylinder extended
  •          Low movement
  •          Wheels track


Semi-Mounted Version Wheels

Wheels axle set between discs unit and roller to grant more stability on field, thanks to the closer position of the gravity centre to the tractor and to improve the headland and transport manoeuvrability.


Veloce 700 
Model   Tractor Power HP Working Width (cm)   Transport Width (cm)  Working Depth (cm) No. Disc (Ø - n)   Weight (kg)* 
600 150-240 600 300 8-10 510 - 48 4900
700 240-320 700 300 8-10 510 - 56 6900
             *with cage roller 450 mm


                         Cat III N ISO/ASAE & K700 Kirovets
Lighting kit standard