The LEOPARD model is intended for professional use and for those who use the shredder with high-powered tractors. The helical layout of the tools on the rotor enhances rotation, thereby reducing vibrations and optimising the cutting quality. It is available with singe (ST) or double transmission (DT). The road clearance is less than 3.5 metres.


  • Control of cutting height via adjustable 220mm roller or steering wheels. Maximum stability on different types of uneven ground.
  • Single or double transmission (3+3 belts for DT). Robust structure and heavy duty bearings.
  • Rotor with tools in a helical layout, improves cutting action and better refinement for an even distribution of residues on soil. 
  • Large cutting chamber to shred large quantities of straw at high speed. 


 Leopard 320 ST - 320 DT
Model Tractor Working Width (cm) Total Width (cm) PTO No. Blades
320 ST 140 - 180 hp 320 349 1000 34
320 DT 140 - 200 hp 320 349 1000 34