9-59 kW (40-80 HP)

The Giraffa model, a best seller for its strength, reliability and working quality. This machine is suitable for professional use with medium powered tractors. Ideal for road side cleaning and can also be used for shredding and brushwood.

Standard Features

  • Universal self-balancing three point hitch, cat. II-III
  • Gearbox PTO 540 rpm with free-wheel
  • Front safety flaps
  • Hydraulic system for side or inclined offset
  • Transmission belts external adjustment
  • Electronic balanced rotor
  • Hammers kit "14"
  • Pair of skids
  • Lower toothed counter-blade
  • Bonnet openable for maintenance
  • Double System Work, double position roller
  • Bracket for drive cover protection
  • Shockproof protection system
  • 90° breather pipe
  • Standard PTO shaft
  • «CE» safety guards





Giraffa - Side Mulcher
Model Giraffa SE 185
Working Width (cm)        190
Working Width @ 65° Down Angle        183
Number of Blades         16
Power Required (hp) min         60