Maschio Veloce Disc Harrow


Veloce is a light disc harrow for shallow seedbed preparation (down to 10cm). Discs are arranged on two rows with opposing disc direction.

The individually mounted discs now have a redesigned arm that gives more clearance between the disc and arm. This is combined with an increased rank distance of 800mm between front and rear gangs to allow better trash flow and fewer blockages.

The concave of the disc has also been reduced to give better trash and soil throw at higher speeds, so most soil and residue goes under and through the rear roller.

Side deflectors are standard and also keep the soil in the machine eliminating side ridges and troughs from outside discs. This becomes very important if you are working laser levelled ground and bays for water flow.

Every disc has its own independent hub with super-sealed long-life bearings lubricated in oil bath to keep maintenance to a minimum. Elements are linked to the frame by a silent block system with four rubber dampeners that absorb vertical stresses and require no greasing as some systems do.

The Veloce comes standard with an open cage roller that helps mix soil and residue and breaks down clods that are pushed through to the back of the machine. Other rollers are available ex-factory.

After a pass with the Veloce, the worked ground is left flat, any residue is incorporated and you are ready to sow.

Mounting the optional APV seeder on the rear will give you a one pass machine for sowing a variety of crops. 

For more information, please call Tom from PFG Australia on 0484 999 044.