Maschio Partnering An All-round Winner


Delmade Pty Ltd, well known for its own brand of quality agricultural equipment, launched the range of Maschio Gaspardo tillage and vegetation management machinery in 2019.

Delmade distributes the Maschio Gaspardo range exclusively throughout Tasmania from its showrooms and factory in Westbury. Delmade Managing Director Rohan Cunningham explained how decades at the hub of an extremely diverse agricultural area lay behind the decision to partner with PFG Australia, the Australian distributor for Italian company Maschio Gaspardo.

“At Delmade, we’re the only tillage manufacturer in Tasmania and we do apply specialised knowledge to our assessment of other brands,” he said. “In a highly competitive world market, Maschio Gaspardo has achieved continued success for their quality, reliability and versatility, by offering design features that give farmers a real advantage.

“From Delmade, we supply machinery across a wide range of agricultural enterprises, including vegetables, cereals, opium poppy, hemp, dairy, beef and wool production. “Demand for agricultural equipment is high right now and good advice from a reputable dealership can prove crucial to making the right decision. We encourage people to call us and discuss possible solutions to suit their needs and budget.

“We run demonstration days and we are happy to organise on-farm demonstrations for potential buyers,” he said.

Maschio mulchers with a good range of size options have proved popular, particularly with Tasmanian dairy farmers. Mr Cunningham said word-of-mouth feedback described the products as good quality machines, very effective in tough conditions and built to last. “There’s a good level of interest in the strength, size and efficiency of the power harrows and rotary hoes. The speed discs are a great solution for incorporating poppy and cereal crop residue.

“The 4-metre and 5-metre power harrows with hydraulic folding frame and mounted high precision airseeder are very good options for contractors wanting significant productivity gains and the flexibility for road transport,” he said. “Partnering with successful overseas manufacturers, and good Australian distributors with reliable parts and service records, helps build the trust we’ve established over decades of working with knowledgeable Tasmanian farmers and contractors.

“The key to success in modern farming is science, best practice and innovative technology, but to unlock the full potential, it still comes down to people doing their best for each other.”

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