Gaspardo Gigante Pressure – NO TILL Pneumatic Seed Drill


PFG Australia is proud to be introducing the new Gaspardo Gigante Pressure Drill to its existing line-up of tillage and planting solutions this season.

The Gigante Pressure is an advanced direct seed drill with pneumatic seed and fertilizer distribution. The drill has recently undergone a redesign to incorporate a number of new features further improving its ability to seed in Challenging conditions.
Tom Wilkinson, PFG seeding specialist explains that, “The Gigante excels in uneven terrain due to its class leading range of disc movement, and its precise depth control, provided by the large depth control wheel on each disc. The single disc system is perfect for all conditions, especially with undulating terrain. With minimal disturbance it creates a fine tilth in the slot, creating a perfect germination zone and a consistent firm closure, thanks to the independently mounted press wheels.”

The sowing elements are independent and reinforced for improved durability and efficiency. This feature is designed to greatly improve the life span of the Gigante Pressure, whilst new coulters with a unique profile for improved seed penetration ensure high quality seeding, as well as the added benefit of increased wear resistance.

Two strong and independent springs provide the range of disc movement spoken of. In combination with the depth wheels on each disc, they enable the sowing unit to achieve a uniform seed depth at the seed delivery point. With a free floating independent press wheel on each sowing unit, the sowing coulter and press-wheel can drop and raise independently of each other as the row unit passes through a hollow or over a mound. 

The new pressurised hopper has been designed to improved seed distribution and reduces the fan power required, reducing wear and increasing efficiency. The hopper has been rotated so the bins are front to back and lowered in the chassis. This has greatly improved the stability in hill country due to its low centre of gravity.  The new low position of the hopper also makes loading of the seed and fertiliser much easier as well as improving the visibility over the rear of the drill.

The hopper is split 60% and 40% and is interchangeable depending whether the seed or the fertiliser has the higher volume for the operation being undertaken. The eDrive metering system is easily adjustable due to the interchangeable metering cartridges that are supplied for small seeds, right through to high rates of fertiliser. Calibration is easy with the touch of a button from inside the cab or next to the drill.
Fully ISOBUS compatible, the Gigante Pressure Drill can provide maximum precision and efficiency using the standard addition of the Genius controller with electric drives and the GPS speed detection system.

On the road and in the paddock, new larger wheels provide improved wear and decrease compaction. The hydraulically folding frame allows a compact 3m width, making it an easy drill to transport.

PFG Australia are running demonstrations this season, give Tom a call on 0484 999 044 for further information.