In today’s marketplace, the modern agribusiness needs a competitive edge to stay ahead of the rest. To achieve this, an increasing number of operators are using finance as a means to access the most efficient and advanced farming equipment. 

This is why PFG Credit should be on your horizon, as it can be specifically tailored to your unique circumstances. PFG Credit is provided by De Lage Landen Pty Limited, part of the global Rabobank Group – the world’s largest agricultural lender.  

PFG Credit can enable you to acquire innovative equipment without a heavy down payment. You pay for its use from your operating budget and not from your capital reserves – which means you free up capital that can be used to grow other parts of your business. 

Payment solutions can be designed to allow businesses to conserve working capital, budget on a fixed rate, and determine fixed term and fixed repayments to suit their cash flow. 

The key benefits of dealing with PFG Credit for a tailored finance solution include: 

  •                   Access to the latest innovative equipment
  •                   Keeping your existing lines of credit intact
  •                   Flexible repayment and end-of-term options
  •                   Fixed cost of payment eliminates price fluctuations and uncertainty
  •                   Easier cash flow forecasting
  •                   Simple one-shot loan documentation 

PFG Credit offers a wide range of financing and leasing solutions designed to meet your operational needs and cash flow.  

For more information contact your local dealership or call our Retail Account Manager - Scott Maxwell on 0447 294 216.